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Advanced features and high limits for strategic sourcing
The most powerful search of 420M+ candidates worldwide
Unlimited Projects
Diversity Sourcing & Blind Hiring Mode
People Insights
SeekOut Robot AI Sourcing
Position Magnet & Power Filters
Automated email campaigns to increase candidate response rates
Export 5,000 profiles/month
Contact info for 200 candidates/month
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Premium Tech
All of Premium plus deep tech sourcing from GitHub
All Premium features plus:
Powerful search of 16M+ Github candidates
Coder Score ranking for each candidate
Github Insights
Each candidate rated by language expertise
Filter based on proven tech expertise
Direct access to candidate's actual code
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All of Premium Tech plus expert search of 60 million candidates
All of Premium Tech features plus:
Groundbreaking Search of 60 million expert candidates
Engineering + Life Sciences experts based on their Patents, Research, Conferences, Papers & more
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