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SeekOut Goes (Even More) Global

SeekOut’s GitHub and Expert search have always covered candidates worldwide, but our Public Profile database was US and Canada only. Our brand new global index of Public Profile candidates — 423 million candidates worldwide (and counting).

To get started sourcing global public profiles, choose a region from the dropdown next to the top search box.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 9.52.09 PM.png

(Note that Canada and the US are now in separate regions. Choose North America for Canadian candidates.)

Global public profiles are included in every SeekOut subscription. You can use all the features of your subscription — field-based search, messaging, SeekOut Robot, and People Insights — with candidate from any region.

Wish to get an unfair sourcing advantage in hiring diverse tech talent?

The world is going digital, and companies across all industries need tech-talent to survive and thrive. However, tech candidates often have sparse or no LinkedIn profiles. If your company is using only LinkedIn for finding candidates, you are missing out on a large pool of highly qualified yet untapped tech talent.  Enter SeekOut: Tech talent often leaves a significant footprint on the web – as GitHub contributions, as patents, papers or postings on other social sites. SeekOut helps you go beyond LinkedIn by building such whole-person profiles, offering advanced AI-driven search for zeroing in on ideal candidates, and enabling hyper-personalized messaging to engage candidates.  SeekOut also helps with your diversity goals via powerful diversity filters and features to reduce unconscious bias.

We empower companies to go beyond LinkedIn to recruit hard-to-find and diverse tech talent. Our comprehensive database of whole-person profiles, intuitive AI search, and personalized messaging gives companies the ability to find and engage in-demand professionals. SeekOut is founded by top executives from Microsoft and is used today at major enterprises across multiple industries.

Take SeekOut for a spin and check it out for yourself!